Bury Black & Asian Minority Ethnic Forum (BME)

ADAB leads on the BME Forum and was established to improve engagement with groups supporting people from BME communities and to enable them to work together and to share good practice. It has also established links with a range of service providers such as the Police, Young Peoples Service, Health, Housing etc to engage with and understand the needs, challenges and issues facing the BME community and mainstream service providers. The Forum now has a membership of around 91 groups within Bury. Some of its achievements to date include:

  • Development of a multi-agency steering group including the community to strengthen partnership working
  • Workshops on particular topics and issues relating to health, Police, hate crime, community cohesion etc
  • Contributed to Inclusion Week held by the Council
  • Held a Funding Fayre for local community groups
  • Input into strategic and service provision of Council’s equality and diversity programme
  • Provided regular information on important issues, events including funding to the members of the Forum
  • Supported a number of organisations to engage with the BME community


Terms of reference for the BME Forum

  • To consult and co-ordinate on the barriers / issues facing BME Communities to achieve social inclusion and Community Cohesion.
  • To implement change to achieve Community Cohesion and Social Inclusion by acting as a task and finish group.
  • To give BME communities a focus group to voice opinions and concerns to help steer and guide the forum’s action plan.
  • To celebrate and recognize the successes and achievements of BME communities by sharing best practice.
  • Bury Council to acknowledge and support the BME forum.
  • To take the lead on behalf of thevoluntary sector on all matters relating to BME inclusion.
  • To provide advice and make recommendations to all the groups within Buryon all appropriate matters as may be necessary from time to time.
  • To map current activities of partners active in this area with a view to identifying any gaps in provision, areas for the improvement of co-ordination and the resolution of duplication.
  • To develop and operate effective methods for sharing of information, between members, and other partners, as necessary.


If you are interested in joining the BME Forum please email Aiesha at Aiesha@adab.org.uk

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