ADAB is a Hate Crime Reporting Centre. If you are a victim of any type of hate crime or see it happening please call in and report it because it can have a huge impact on the victim.

Hate crime is a criminal act committed against any person or group who are seen to be different or vulnerable. It can be based on prejudices around:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation or
  • Transgender (Gender Identity)
  • Alternative Sub-culture (like Goths for example)

Hate Crime can be verbal, physical or psychological abuse and can take many forms, such as:

  • being called names on the street
  • insulting graffiti of property
  • threatening letters or on social media
  • offensive material and phone harassment

Reporting and recording hate crime is important for everyone, for you, your family and the services designed to protect and keep you safe. There are many reporting centres like ADAB, Bury Asian Women Centre and Jinnah Centre or you can call the Police on 101.

Did you know that Islamophobia is now a hate crime! If you have experienced any form of Islamophobia, physical, verbal or online – REPORT IT!


Bury East Neighbourhood Policing Team
We support our local Police in engaging and connecting with BME communities including faith communities to build trust and confidence, promoting the reporting of Hate Crime and helping to build stronger, safer communities.

We have a monthly drop-in from our local Neighbourhood Policing Team. Pop in and meet Tim, Andy and Shaun

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