Tackling Extremism

The PECT Project

With support from the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner’s Fund, ADAB has set up the Preventing Extremism Creating Tolerance (PECT) project operating in Bury.

PECT project is an early intervention, community led action plan at grass roots level that will fill a gap which currently exists in recognising early signs of radicalisation amongst young people prior to the point where such ideas/ actions become acute, deeper rooted and more dangerous. Identifying and supporting young people at the earliest possible stage will result in not having to apply more costly and lengthy interventions at later stages.

This work will be undertaken by an integrated partnership comprising of the schools, the parents, the relevant voluntary sector groups, the Local Authority, the police, the local Mosques/Madrassah’s and the local community.

The project is currently working with schools and colleges in Bury to support the leadership team and staff so that they are able to identify (where appropriate) risk factors that may lead to extremist behaviour; how to detect the early signs of such behaviour; the type of help/ support available; and directly provide appropriate support in individual instances by building resilience and supporting aspirations.

Intervention with individuals at risk of radicalisation include measures to develop self esteem; reduce isolation; positive peer influences; address health and wellbeing needs; foster social and economic independence.

In particular, the project will help to identify the support available from the various partners and encourage the schools and colleges to become engaged in the various prevent partnerships.

It will also provide appropriate training to staff around the whole agenda of extremism; how to challenge individuals exhibiting such behavior; and the measures/ support available at different stages.

If PECT can be of assistance to you, please contact ADAB or email Aiesha@adab.org.uk

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