South Asian Music & Arts Council (SAMA) supports, promotes and develops South Asian Music, Arts and Culture.

Our work includes supporting artists, providing training and/or education, organising live events as well as enabling wider participation.

Working across all 10 districts of Greater Manchester we enable local communities to celebrate, enjoy and participate in traditional and contemporary South Asian Music arts and culture. This includes performed enjoyed and experienced by local audiences.

SAMA has representation from all 10 GM areas including representation from Civil Society and local authorities. Music Arts and Culture are the strongest signifier of community identity and SAMA ensures this though its infrastructure support services.

South Asian Music & Arts Council (SAMA)


Strengthening music arts, culture, and creative expression as the means for community development and using the universal language of music to enhance community cohesion


We believe in the power of arts, music and cultures to develop communities and enhance cohesion. We work with local and global artists to create opportunities that allow people to develop their full potential.

SAMA will help to meet the arts and cultural needs of the community through a diversity of initiatives through music, Arts and culture.   In addition SAMA is structured to provide an organisational backbone to help a multiple of community groups in the field of Arts Music and culture, achieve their goals.

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Our Services

SAMA aims are to advance the understanding use and enjoyment of South Asian Music and culture.  We also  provide opportunities and mentoring for local artists to develop excellence and promote our culture.  We are also working to develop a more diverse audience base.

Training Includes

  • Tabla
  • Harmonium
  • Key Board
  • Classical Signing
  • Amateur Singing Club


SAMA council also provides an artist booking service in all fields.  Contact us to book an artist for your event; wedding or party.

Artists include

  • Singers
  • Dhool Players
  • Bands
  • Dancers
  • Comedians etc.

We are also grateful for the generosity of donors and benefactors who give us financial support, and the many volunteers who freely give of their time and expertise.

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